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About Temple Construction


Our respected Gurudev, Sree Sree Haripada Chakraborty, had a great inclination and encouragement to establish a KaliTemple (Lake Kalibari). So, on the day of 13th April, 1949, he established this temple at Southern Avenue, Kolkata with an earthen image, though he was not satisfied with that. He dreamt of permanent figure of "Maa" and "Panchamundi Asana" instead. The generous and ardent devotees shared his dream and responsibility. After a decade of nonstop and relentless effort, on the 13th day of April, 1959, the touchstone image of "Maa" has started to be worshiped.

Sri Netai Chandra Basu, the most ardent and illustrious disciple of Sree Sree Haripada Chakraborty, has taken charge as sebait in the year 1987. We have a dream to build up a Temple which is a platform of our unity. Tough, yet achievable. We believe in worship with a prayer for the mass, we thrive for the benefit of the society as well as for the mankind. We are determined, dedicated and disciplined lot under the encouragement and guidance of Sri Netai Chandra Basu.

We seek wholehearted cooperation through donation either by materials or financial support. Please note that all our donation are exempted under 80G of Income Tax Act and for receiving foreign donation, our organization is registered under Foreign Contrbution (Regulation) Act 1976.