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About GuruDev

photo"Tameva bhantam anubhati Sarvam,
Tasyabhasya Sarvamidam vibhati’
‘When He shines, everything Shines in His wake;
By his light, all thing shine"
- Kathopanishad

Gurudev – Sree Sree Haripada Chakroborty had an ardent love for mother divine – ‘Kali’ since his childhood. Being spiritual aspirant, in his younger days he used to worship “Maa Kali” for the destruction of spiritual ignorance which veils the reality within and makes one feel limited to a Body and He ultimately because of his ‘Sadhana’ through the path of Tantra witnessed the manifestation of Divine Mother and at the call of the Mother Supreme started to work for the solace of the mankind by performing ‘Tantra Kriya’. Gurudev to his wisdom had personally listened to countless problems confided by Hundreds of thousands people, showed his deep insight into the human condition. He recognized their needs and descends to the level of ordinary man both literate and illiterate class and gave each one proper answer to the needs

“Trailokya sphuta vaktaro
dvadyasura pannagaha
Guruvaktra sthita vidya
gurubhaktya tu labhyatye”

The Guru’s wisdom cannot be learned From even gods of the higher worlds; The Guru’s knowledge awakes in him who serves his Guru with purest love.

Jessore of Bangladesh is the birthplace of Sree Sree Haripada Chakroborty. But from his early childhood he was brought up at his ancestral home at Kalighat, Kolkata. Soon after 10 years of age he appeared to be somewhat indifferent from other students. He found to be meditating in his free times. At the age of 16 he left his home and went to Parbatipur, finally to West Dinajpur. There at the instance of a local person he got a job at the residence of Superintendent of Central Excise. Within a month the said Superintendent was transferred to Kishangunj and with him adoloscent Haripada also went to Kishangunj. But while living there for seven days all on a sudden in a morning young Haripada left for northern part of Himalayan and there he came in contact with a saint from Vadodara. The restless young Haripada was asked by the said great saint to have patience and provided him with the “Mantra of Life”. Upon receiving such “Mantra” the mental flower of young Haripada started to blossom and gradually its fragrance started to spread all around. Every moment started to reveal a noble experience enlightening him a different realm of spirituality, evolving him from one place to the other and ultimately he realized the essence of life. - GURU GITA VERSE 22

Sree Sree Haripada Chakroborty had learnt the “Tantrakkriya” from the said great saint named – Dhurjati Narayan Dikshit for a long period of 7 years 8 months and with the help of divine blessing he gained profused strength to reach the ultimate destination in the spiritual path. At the directive of his Guru Sree Sree Dhurjati Narayan, Sree Sree Haripada Chakroborty came to Kolkata and accepted a job in Income Tax Department from that time he served million of people those who came to him for spiritual solace by offering proper answers to their needs. In the midst of spiritual Sadhana in 1987 Gurudev Sree Sree Haripada Chakroborty picked up Sri Netai Chandra Basu amongst his innumerable disciples as his competent torchbearer and trained him in performing of Tantrik rituals for providing spiritual relief to the mankind and in 1987 upon completion of his work in his mundane world he left for his heavenly abode leaving Sri Netai Chandra Basu as the sole sebayat of his consecrated Lake Kalibari, which was established by him on 13th April, 1949 at 107/1, Southern Avenue, Kolkata – 700 029, West Bengal, India. Our respected Gurudev, Sree Sree Haripada Chakraborty, had a great inclination and encouragement to establish a Kali temple (Lake Kalibari). So, on the day of 13th April, 1949, he established this temple at Sourthern Avenue, Kolkata with an earthen image, though he was not satisfied with that. He dreamt of permanent figure of “Maa” and “Panchamundi Asana” instead. The generous and ardent devotees shared his dream and responsibility. After a decade of nonstop and relentless effort, on the 13th day of April, 1959, the touchstone image of “Maa” has started to be worshipped. Sri Netai Chandra Basu, the most ardent and illustrious disciple of Sree Sree Haripada Chakraborty, has taken charge as sebait in the year 1987. We have a dream to build up a temple, which is a platform of our unity. Tough, yet not achievable. We believe in worship with a prayer for the mass, we thrive for the benefit of the society as well as for the mankind. We are determined, dedicated and disciplined lot under the encouragement and guidance of Sri Netai Chandra Basu.